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A labyrinth generator inspired by the Etrian Odyssey games.

Made for PROCJAM 2017.

This generator is written in Racket and output a labyrinth map in the style of Etrian Odyssey games.

In the generated maps, the starting point of a map is the downstair staircase, and the exit point is the upstair staircase.
The map is divided into sections which can be generated mazes or variations of hard-coded sections.
In the generated sections, dead-ends are used to place points of interests, like events, gather points, or chests.
The disposition of sections follows a simple maze. Sections are connected using either paths or doors.
Shortcut are generated between section that are adjacent and not connected, but far away enough from each other.

Since that PROCJAM, I have integrated this generator on my website, so you can try it there: https://feuforeve.fr/Yggdrasil

This software is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 2 or any later version (GPLv2+).

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yggdrasil-generator.zip 24 kB

Install instructions

Racket is needed to run this program.

The archive contains the source code. Unzip the archive, and run racket on the yggdrasil-generator.rkt script. In a terminal :

$ racket yggdrasil-generator.rkt

You can also run the script from DrRacket.

The command generates an image maze.png in the directory of the script.


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THIs tool is so fun to use. Thank you.