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A small pizzeria generator written in Racket.

Almost everything to generate the pizza is in the provided "pizza.json" file (currently names of ingredients are in French).

The ingredients are described in the "ingredient" table. Each entry of the table is a category of ingredient that is used for the "recipes" list. Each category contains a list of ingredients who are described by a name ("name-fr"), a price ("price") and an occurence number ("frequency", currently not used by the generator).

The "recipes" list contains templates for the generated pizzas ("ingredients" list of each recipe). The occurence number "frequency" is currently not used by the generator.

The "ingredient-variety" contains ranges for each category of ingredients. Those indicate how many ingredients of the given category a pizzeria can use for its recipes.

The "recipe-variety" is a range indicating how many pizzas a pizzeria can have on its menu.

Since that PROCJAM, I integrated this generator on my website, so you can try it online : https://feuforeve.fr/Generators/Pizzeria

Install instructions

You need Racket to run this program. Run the "main.rkt" file to run the generator.


pizzeria.zip 2 kB

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